March 27, 2003

Adobe's New pcprefered Page Authored by Longtime Anti-Mac PC Apologist

Eric Peterson writes "Oscast contributor Jim Banahan noticed that Adobe's recently published pcprefered benchmarks were completed by longtime PC apologist, Charlie White. He notes that anyone who has followed Mr. White's past Mac vs. PC comparisons is undoubtedly aware of his affection for IBM compatible computers and the fact that he loathes the Macintosh and works hard to discredit Apple's product offerings at every corner.

Jim Banahan's broadcast contribution (MPEG4 audio required) points out several of Mr. White's biased benchmark reviews and makes the observation that Adobe's Intel-specific kudos show that the company is, and always has been, fair with regard to showcasing the platform that runs its software best.

He notes that advocates of more commonly used IBM compatible computers have cried foul whenever Mac users mentioned Photoshop benchmarks detailing its speed advantages over that of their preferred system. He suggests that these individuals live it up with while they can, because these speed advantages won't last long."


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