January 26, 2001

Aduva announces $7.8 million in financing

Author: JT Smith

From BusinessWire: Aduva, Inc. a pioneer in network-based, automated Linux service, today
announced it had received $7.8 million in venture financing from The Capital Group, Cap Ventures and Evergreen Management, Ltd. in addition to a
number of private investors.
Founded in October 1999, Aduva has developed the first complete software technology that addresses the service and support needs of the
growing Linux market. Its network-based service automates administrative management of Linux for both corporate and home users.
With a compound annual growth rate of 212%, Linux is considered to be the fastest growing operating system in the world, according to
Survey.com. Survey.com also estimates that 20% of desktops will be running Linux by the year 2002.
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