February 27, 2003

Advice for Buying a Linux-Compatible Laptop

Buying a fully Linux compliant laptop can be a truly harrowing experience. Many people have learned to deal with uncompliant laptops. It's interesting
to learn about some of the things people do to get by with an uncompliant or misconfigured system. When having audio problems, for instance, some
users simply keep the volume to a minimum. Others, when having problems with X, get into the habit of restarting X every half hour; in especially bad
cases they even reboot the laptop every half hour. I find these situations unacceptable. It is one thing if you were given the laptop at no cost, but
it's completely different if you dropped hundreds of dollars of your own cash to get this kind of system. These problems all can be avoided if you
take the time to educate yourself about what is available, set realistic goals for what you want to buy and make certain the machine you want is
within your price range. All this said, setting up a Linux-based laptop actually can be a satisfying experience.

Link: LinuxJournal.com

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