September 20, 2002

Aegir CMS beta 1.0 released

Henri Bergius write: The Aegir CMS development team has
released the first public beta of the Aegir CMS Open Source Content
Management System.

Aegir CMS is derived from the succesful Nadmin Studio application
built on the reliable Midgard content management framework. The
application is licensed under the Artistic License-derived Nadmin
Studio License.

Aegir CMS's key features include:

  • MS Word -compatible content editor
  • Staging/live setup
  • Multi-company hosting (ASP) support
  • Flexible templating and layout system
  • Full Midgard Content Management framework

Changes from Nadmin Studio M5:

  • Interface redesign:
    • Implemented one global and configurable stylesheet
    • Removed unnecessary images to speed up loading
    • Images (not all so far) are stored as attachments
    • Switched (most) icons into GNOME Stock Icons
  • Core:
    • some minor bugfixes
    • added: Allow overwrite for uploading attachments
    • added: "Inherited" option for pageelements
    • added: Gettext translation utility
    • added: Copy/Move objects
    • added: Delete object w/o entering Edit mode
    • fixed: Multiapprove from frontpage
    • added: Select all option for multiapprove in frontpage
    • added: Publish function to navigation bar (always visible)
    • fixed: Frontpage does not try to read mail if Mail Preferences not configured - Thansk to this Aegir IS NOT devoted to use a particular mail system (Cyrus mail)

This new development project intends to continue development of the
widely-used Nadmin Studio platform as a side project of the Midgard
framework. The main goals of the project include further developing
critical content management features of the Nadmin Studio codebase and
making Aegir CMS fit the general Open Source environment better.

New volunteers are welcome to the project. The old code base is
somewhat complex but has already been cleaned greatly by project

Aegir CMS beta 1.0 is available for download at:

More information:

Aegir CMS developer team



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