March 30, 2001

Agenda Computing makes history launching the VR3 at Spring Comdex

Author: JT Smith

Agenda Computing will officially launch the world's first-ever pure Linux PDA, the Agenda VR3, at Spring Comdex in Chicago to the U.S. consumer market on April 3, 2001. Bradley D. LaRonde, Agenda Computing President and CEO, is scheduled to speak about Linux and the Agenda VR3 at the April 3 press conference. LaRonde is also scheduled to announce the next Agenda device to the media, which Ian LeWinter, Agenda's Chief Strategy Officer says, "Will make the other guys scramble to compete against our new Mindtool(TM)."The launch of the Agenda VR3 represents a historic leap in the computing capability of low cost handheld devices. "Finally there is a PDA...powerful enough to run Linux and available at a cost [comparable to] devices that aren't even capable of true multitasking," said LaRonde.

Agenda Linux, which runs on the VR3, is an embedded operating system designed to run handheld and e-mobility devices without sacrificing desktop computing power and capability. "Agenda's products are a direct result of a huge amount of effort from all kinds of people. I feel that it's Agenda's responsibility to contribute back [to the Linux community]. I never want Agenda to lose sight of the fact that...[our] success is really a reflection of the success of the Linux community," stated LaRonde. Chief Financial Officer Dennis Shogren stated, "This is a very exciting time to be an emerging company in the consumer electronics industry and Linux is one of the hottest products in the market space. I'm thrilled to be a part of Agenda and to participate in the creation of a company which will be known for its technological innovation and commitment to the care and intellectual nourishment of its people."

In addition to the robust operating software, the VR3 is powered by an NEC VR4181 66MHz 32 bit processor, and houses 8MB RAM and 16MB flash memory. The VR3 comes standard with CIR circuitry and software, which allows the unit to act as a remote control for household appliances, and will send a memo or message to a printer or other device by wireless infrared transfer. The Agenda VR3 comes in H20 (transparent), Shark (slate blue), and Matrix (black) and MSRPs for $249. Agenda will hold their press conference on April 3, 2001 at 2pm during Spring Comdex.

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Angela LeWinter
Agenda Computing

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