June 8, 2001

The Agenda VR3:A Linux Orbit first look

Author: JT Smith

GonzoJohn writes "Linux sure has landed in a lot of interesting places. Televisions, media players, and now personal digital assistants (PDAs) all have models being shipped with Linux embedded in them. Linux is pushing itself into the embedded market with good reason. Without the licensing cost of the OS, a PDA for instance, can be inexpensive and still deliver a lot for your hard earned dollar (yen, Euro, etc).
Those of you who keep up with the Linux community probably have seen reviews of the new Linux-based PDA from Agenda Computing, the VR3. We received an early review model of VR3 to have a look at what it could bring to the PDA table. After several software upgrades and lots of tinkering, we were ready to review it.

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