Agile Is More Than Scrum


Most people use the terms Agile and Scrum interchangeably. It’s often not even clear what the difference is. So, last week during our Jakarta Scrum meetup (organized at Happy Fresh), we decided to find out. We did a group study on some different Agile concepts: Kanban, Lean and Lean startup, XP, Scrum, and Agile. The experiment was organized using multiple Scrum teams and Sprints. We had an area product owner, Pepe, and we had five teams. Each team self-selected a Product Owner and selected one Agile framework. Each team had to discuss and research the framework and make a presentation. The big challenge for the area Product Owner was to combine all these presentations into one storyline. This overall presentation had to be done for the management of “PT. Stuck in Waterfall.”

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