Agile Programming: The Last Mile for DevOps


As DevOps has come into its own, IT automation companies such as Chef have made automating and managing release pipelines simpler. At ChefConf 2016, Chef announced new tools which include Chef Automate, which pulls together all of Chef’s IT automation tools in one package. How DevOps teams communicate with others in their business has also changed with the rise of tools such as Slack, HipChat, and processes such as ChatOps.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast embedded below, we explore how Chef Automate and ChatOps enable DevOps teams to work more efficiently, the ways in which agile development practices have shaped DevOps, and how the culture of DevOps has evolved as the ways in which businesses use software has changed. Electric Cloud Chief Technology Officer Anders Wallgren and ChatOps software provider VictorOps DevOps evangelist Jason Hand spoke with TNS consulting engineer Lee Calcote and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson at ChefConf 2016 for this podcast.

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