January 17, 2006

Aheeva V. 2 of IP Contact Center Suite & Sugar

Aheeva Technology Inc. writes "January 16, 2006 (MONTREAL, QC) – Six years ago, Aheeva was a just a good idea. Today, announcing Version 2.0 of its Asterisk-based IP contact center software, the small but already global provider of customer relations and contact center solutions attracts notable partners including Digium and now SugarCRM.

Aheeva Contact Center Suite Version 2.0 and SugarCRM:

Aheeva CCS Version 2.0 is smarter IP contact center software, featuring improved quality monitoring tools, enhanced statistical analysis and tools to increase agent efficiency. Now supporting SugarCRM, a customer relationship management solution, Version 2.0 remains a cost-effective solution based on open source technology.

Aheeva’s business communication solutions are fully-customizable and integrated on a single platform. Aheeva CCS Version 2.0 requires only a Web browser for access, making remote monitoring, management and analysis possible anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Aheeva call center suite features skills-based routing for inbound calls, outbound capabilities with a range of dialing modes (predictive, preview, progressive and broadcast), quality monitoring tools, full digital recording, load balancing, online management tools and real-time statistics.

New features include:

Support for SugarCRM
Improved quality of audio for Starphone (Windows and Linux)
Support for multiple recording servers
Ability to listen to agent live from Manager
Improved Method of Payment function
Support in case of lost connection with Database – automatically backs up data
Improved Network view
Improved Agent, Agent Group and Queue reports

About Aheeva Technology Inc.

Aheeva, founded in 2000, is a Canadian developer, provider and specialist in contact center solutions. Aheeva discovered Asterisk in March 2003 and adopted the open source technology to develop a solution with inbound capabilities, predictive dialer and quality monitoring tools to implement in its own contact center, Atelka. Aheeva continues to provide efficient and cost-effective business communication solutions that compete in quality with those of larger international solutions providers. Aheeva now attracts international attention. Working with partners and resellers in the United States, South America, the Caribbean, South Africa, France, and Morocco, Aheeva’s business communication solutions are reaching a growing number of clients around the world."

Link: aheeva.com

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