AI in 2019: 8 Trends to Watch


Forget the job-stealing robot predictions. Let’s focus on artificial intelligence trends – around talent, security, data analytics, and more – that will matter to IT leaders.

We decided to focus on the trends that matter most urgently to IT leaders – you don’t need another “AI is taking over the world” story; you need concrete insights for your team and business. So, let’s dig into the key trends in AI – as well as overlapping fields such as machine learning – that IT leaders should keep tabs on in 2019.

Open source AI communities will thrive

Many of the cloud and cloud-native technologies in use today were born out of open source projects: Consider Kubernetes Exhibit A in that argument. Expect the development of AI, machine learning, and related technologies to follow a similar path.

“Today, more leading-edge software development occurs inside open source communities than ever before, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for proprietary projects to keep up with the rapid pace of development that open source offers,” says Ibrahim Haddad, director of research at The Linux Foundation, which includes the LF Deep Learning Foundation. “AI is no different and is becoming dominated by open source software that brings together multiple collaborators and organizations.”

In particular, Haddad expects more cutting-edge technology companies and early adopters to open source their internal AI work to catalyze the next waves of development, not unlike how Google spun Kubernetes out from an internal system to an open source project.

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