August 29, 2006

AJAX, JSF, EJB3, Spring 2, Hibernate 3 Practicum

P. Vilas Tulachan writes "Open Source Live! Solves Java Training Problem with Weekend Practicum*

Group delivers open source experts for fast hands-on developer training in the latest
enterprise Java technologies, including Ajax, JSF, Hibernate 3, Spring 2 and EJB3

Redwood City, Calif., August 25, 2006 – Open Source Live! (OSL), a fast reaction training company, is launching its first Practicum for software developers who want quick, effective hands-on training and experience with the latest open source tools. The event occurs over the weekend of October 6 – 8, 2006 in Santa Clara, California. Published experts on several sought-after tools for Java-related software development projects will deliver hands-on instruction to a limited group of registrants. The Practicum is entitled Developing Enterprise Java Applications with Lightweight Frameworks.

“The creative commons of open source software places mature and highly innovative development tools at our disposal,” said OSL Founder P. Vilas Tulachan. “But these tools often lack corporate-like support, especially hands-on training that enables developers to quickly learn how to use them. Our Practicum fills this vacuum with a potent solution by supplanting lectures with hands-on exercises and pragmatic experience.”

The result, says Tulachan, “is the ability to return to work and take immediate advantage of the new tools for the benefit of employer or client. The real value is that applications developed with OSS deliver superior ROI.”

Unlike other conferences that focus on lectures with a question/answer segment to an otherwise passive audience, OSL transfers programming skills to a limited number of students, through exercises and practice under mentor guidance.

The first Practicum is centered on hot Java-related tools, including Ajax, JSF, Hibernate 3, Spring 2 and EJB 3. Each tool plays a key role in software development, and proper use results in highly interactive, scalable and robust web applications that enhance user experience. Author / instructors include Chris Richardson (POJO in Action), Kito Mann (JSF in Action), Jonathan Wetherbee (EJB 3: From Novice to Professional) and Max Katz. Complete details on the event and the instructors may be found at

The Practicum is priced at $785 for Early Bird registrants. Prospective students are encouraged to review the course offering at Going forward, OSL plans new Practicums in other U.S. locations. At the conclusion of each Practicum, students vote to select an open source organization for a charitable contribution up to 15% of the profit from tuition.

About Open Source Live!

Open Source Live! is the brainchild of P. Vilas Tulachan, a Java/J2EE developer. The company’s vision is to offer local weekend Practicums, attracting the best instructors and students hungry for pragmatic education, drawn from the local area so that air travel is not needed and expenses are minimum. For more information, please visit

*Wikipedia: Practicum is a school or college course, especially one in a specialized field of study that is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied theory…"

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