May 22, 2001

Alan Cox announces Linux 2.4.4-ac13

Author: JT Smith

It's at Intermediate diffs are available from
Cox writes,
Rather than starting to propogate these fixes to other drivers I'd be
greatful if they would audit the changes (especially the sound one)
carefully. That way we can ripple correct changes to the other drivers
rather than duplicating several rounds of fixes into each driver we

o Fix binfmt_misc compile bug (me)
o Add missing locking to pms driver (me)
o Fix planb locking/rt deadlock (me)
o Add missing locking to saa5249 driver (me)
o Add missing locking to stradis driver (me)
o Add missing locking to zr36067 driver (me)
o Fix locking on trident sound driver (me)
| Probably all the other PCI sound drivers need doing too...
o Fix wrong ioctl return on trident sound driver (me)
o Clean up NCR53c406 compile warnings (me)
o Fix dmx3191 compile warnings, printk levels (me)
o Fix coda cache compile warnings (me)
o Fix a warning in jffs2 (me)
o Fix nautilus SRM poweroff (Richard Henderson)
o Fix Alpha build bug (Richard Henderson)
o Fix a hang in the maestro dock support (Ben Pfaff)
o Fix memory leak in ACPI drivers (Philip Wang)
o Eliminate popping in cs46xx, fix powerdown (Tom Woller)
o Fix ps2esdi SMP build (Rasmus Andersen)
o Fix a hang on NFS write (Trond Myklebust)
o Cleaned up assorted random warnings (me)

o Just tracking Linus 2.4.5pre4

- A chunk more merged with Linus
- dropped out some oddments that are now

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