February 27, 2002

Alan Cox announces Linux kernel 2.4.18-ac2

Author: JT Smith

Cox writes: [+ indicates stuff that went to Marcelo, o stuff that has not,
* indicates stuff that is merged in mainstream now, X stuff that proved
bad and was dropped out] Changelog below,

Linux 2.4.18-ac2
o Fix sparc compile error (Marco Colombo)
o Fix serverworks IDE for ide=nodma (Ken Brownfield)
o w83877f watchdog compile fix on SMP (Mark Cooke)
o binfmt_elf merge error fix

Linux 2.4.18-ac1
o Merge with 2.4.18 proper
o Add missing -rc4 diff
o Use attribute notifiers to account shmemfs (me)
o Initial luxsonor LS220/LS240 driver code (me)
| This is just setup code and only in the tree because
| its where I keep my hacks in progress

Linux 2.4.18rc2-ac2
o Fix a corruption problem in the jfs dir table (Dave Kleikamp)
o Fix trap when extending a single extent of (Dave Kleikamp)
over 64Gb in JFS
o NBD deadlock fix (Steven Whitehouse)
o Fix device ref counting in netrom stack (Tomi Manninen)
o Fix shmemfs link counting (Christoph Rohland)
o Fix potential scsi disk oops (Peter Wong)
o eepro100 carrier init fix (Jeff Garzik)
o Fix wrong kfree in netrom stack (Tomi Manninen)
o Add TI1250 inits to ZV bus support (me)
| Zoom video now works on the IBM TP600 at least.
o Fix off by one on loop devices limit (Heinz Mauelshagen)
o Improve handling of psaux open with no mouse
present (Christoph Hellwig)
o 3COM 3c359 token ring driver (Mike Phillips)
o Fix a case where hpfs didnt set block size (Chris Mason)
early enough
o Remove use of lock_kernel in softdog driver (me)
o Make olympic driver use spinlocks not
lock_kernel (Mike Phillips)
o Fix type of detected devices in md.c (Jakob Kemi)
o Changes and defconfig update (Niels Jensen)
o PNP BIOS driver updates (Thomas Hood)
o Turn off excess printks in pnp quirk reporting (Andrey Panin)
o Add documentation for ITE I2C (Steven Cole)
o Add documentation for other zoran cards (Steven Cole)
o Add an SC520 watchdog, and enable wd8387ff (Scott Jennings)
o Cleaned up and fixed some SC520 watchdog bugs (me)
| Scott - can you double check these
o Fix return on generic lib/string.c memcmp (Georg Nikodym)
o Further zoom video cleanups (me)

Linux 2.4.18rc2-ac1

o Merge with 2.4.18rc2
o Ignore i810 modem codecs (me)
o Core of address space accounting code (me)
| Enforcement, ptrace and some shmem corner bits to do
* Fix security hole in shmfs (me)
o Fix various bits of 64bit file I/O in shmem (me)
o Merge with rmap12f (Rik van Riel and co)


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