April 1, 2002

Alan Cox: Linux 2.2.21-rc3

The changelog is below.
o Plan B driver updates (Michel Lanners)
o 3ware raid update (Adam Radford)
o Fix PowerMac compile (Krzysiek Taraszka)
o Fix nvram/rtc ioctl returns (Paul Gortmaker)
o OV511 compile/build fixes (Toru SAGAMI)
o Final ppp zlib bits (Paul Mackerras)

o Fix Xeon crash on boot (Dave Jones)
o Update keyspan maintainer (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix visor oops add palm m125 support (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Update whiteheat driver to fix SMP locking (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix head.S asm for cpu type (Mikael Pettersson)

o Add farsync driver (Bob Dunlop)
o Fix x86 cpu type reporting in some cases (Barry Nathan)
o Fix module_license tag compatibility macro (Keith Owens)
o Update MAINTAINERS entry (Mark McClelland)
o Fix fb.h comment error (Krzysiek Taraszka)
o Zlib fix (Arjan van de Ven)
o Back out problem mce change

o Fix FAT breakage in pre3 (Dmitry Levin)
o Add S/390 LCS driver (IBM opensourced it now) (DJ Barrow,
Frank Pavlic)
o Update COPYING file to match FSF update (Dan Quinlann)
| basically swap 19xx example for this century..
o Fix a file name comment (William Stearns)
o Add realtek phy support to 2.2 sis900 driver (Allan Jacobsen)
o Fix MCE address reporting order, fix oops with (Dave Jones)
newer gcc due to bad asm constraints
o Starfire update (Ion Badulescu)
o Always victimise the dcache a little when
short of memory (John Lash, me)


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