October 10, 2001

Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.10-ac11

Author: JT Smith

Intermediate diffs are available from
*       Small fixes to various long standing bugs, various architecture and
 *       driver cleanups. The 2.4.10-ac tree now seems pretty solid.

 o       Update wireless API and drivers                 (Jean Tourrilhes)
 o       Trident driver fixes and cleanups       (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
 o       Use set_current_state in cmpci          (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
 o       The 1Gb limit in our iso code is wrong          (Joerg Schilling)
         (and I trust Joerg on specs..)
 o       Handle large HRT in i2o_proc                    (Vojtech Pavlik)
         | Fixes a crash on the SX6000 board
 o       Use set_current_state in maestro3       (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
 o       Kill a dead .version file                       (Russell King)
 o       Kill bogus include in vt.c                      (Russell King)
 o       Blink keyboard lights on panic on x86           (Andi Kleen)
 o       Update motioneye documentation                  (Stelian Pop)
 o       Remove unneeded symlink faking in sys5fs        (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Update sony pi driver                           (Stelian Pop)
 o       ARM makefile fixes                              (Russell King)
 o       Fix ide build problem                           (Keith Owens)
 o       Clean up aci driver                     (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
 o       Fix memory handling error in pnpbios            (Thomas Hood)
 o       License tag for amd7930                         (Frank Davis)
 o       Further VM tuning                               (Rik van Riel)

 o       Fix panic on certain fat error cases            (Martin Josefsson)
 o       Fix silly dpt_i2o naming error for alpha        (Arjan van de Ven)
         | It still doesnt work on alpha..
 o       Add license tags to sbus drivers                (Frank Davis)
 o       Fix ARM module export cases                     (Russell King)
 o       Clean up ufs byteswap handling                  (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Support attaching USB irda as serial device     (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
 o       Add error reporting to more of pnpbios          (Thomas Hood)
 o       Update parport_pc to know about configured v    (Thomas Hood)
         unconfigured PnP resources
 o       Fix non module using build                      (Keith Owens)
 o       S/390 build fixes                               (Martin Schwidefsky)
 o       Update cris support                             (Bjorn Wesen)
 o       Fix IPS driver build non modular                (Jack Hammer)
 o       PPPoE updates                                   (Michal Ostrowski)
 o       init_idle race fix for Alpha                    (Peter Rival)
 o       cdrom bracketing/missed copy fix                (Toby Milne)

 o       Fix osb4 warning                                (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Merge Configure.help updates for ARM            (Russell King)
 o       Intel i860 GART                                 (Paul Mundt)
 o       Toshiba driver compile fix                      (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Fix 3dnow+pae compile problem                   (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       aic7xxx modules.h fix                           (Arjan van de Ven)
 o       Further i2c cleanups                            (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Fix printk type warning in zone printkis        (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Remove unused variable in mm/filemap.c          (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Attach license tags to freevxfs                 (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Add RTS/DTR support to the pl2303               (Johannes Deisenhofer
                                                          Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
 o       SAA9730 is mips only                            (me)
 o       License tags for ide layer                      (Frank Davis)
 o       Next PnPBIOS update                             (Thomas Hood)
 o       Zisofs inflate compile fixup                    (Keith Owens)
 o       Fix Dell C600 fix for newer PM code             (Tim Stadelmann)
 o       Parport license tags                            (Frank Davis)
 o       Fix smb naming clash                            (Urban Widmark)
 o       Clean up ad1816 resource handling       (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
 o       Remove ext2_notify_change                       (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Remove dead ext2/acl.c code bits                (Christoph Hellwig)
 o       Pentium pro store fence fixes for pci interface (me)
         and spin_unlock
 o       spin_unlock for OOSTORE SMP kernels             (me)

 o       Fix inflate ksym problems                       (Keith Owens)
 o       Fix missign return in errata 50 case            (Udo Steinberg)
 o       First tiny bits of making i2o use the new pci   (me)
 o       I2O mtrr handling improvements                  (Vojtech Pavlik)
 o       Remove ARM dependancies on libgcc               (Russell King)
 o       Use spin_lock_irqsave in bootflag code          (Thomas Hood)
 o       Kill remaining users of malloc.h                (Dave Jones)
 o       ARM documentation updates                       (Russell King)
 o       ARM module tag updates                          (Russell King)
 o       ARM nexus updates                               (Russell King)
 o       Remove double include of bitops in fat          (Russell King)
 o       Add further export symbol checks                (Keith Owens)
 o       Report initrd ramdisk unpack failures           (Russell King)
 o       Wait for context thread to start before         (Russell King)
         returning from start_context_thread
 o       Remove unused prototype in the pagemap.h file   (Anton Altaparmakov)
 o       Move asm-um/page_offset.h to the right place    (Jeff Dike)
 o       Add hooks for ARM pcmcia merging (32bit I/O     (Russell King)
         and per mapping info)
 o       SA1100 pcmcia           (John Dorsey, Woojung Huh, Jordi Colomer,
                                  Ken Gordon, Russell King)

 o       Miscellaneous arm fixes                         (Russell King)
 o       Arm include updates                             (Russell King)
 o       SA1100 updates                                  (Russell King)
 o       EBSA110 and integrator updates                  (Russell King)
 o       ARM arch updates                                (Russell King)
 o       Zero length packets for UHCI                    (Johannes Erdfelt)
 o       Update the uml block driver, make it 64bit clean(Greg Lonnon)
 o       Change UML adress mappings                      (Jeff Dike)
 o       Update UML signal handling                      (Jeff Dike)
 o       Miscellaneous UML fixes                         (Jeff Dike)
 o       Update the UML example iomem driver             (Greg Lonnon)
 o       Next batch of fs/namespace cleanups             (Al Viro)
 o       Fix PPP over ATM configuration                  (me)

 o       Fix nfs symlink breakage                        (Trond Myklebust)
 o       Fix SCpnt->pid value                            (Dario Ballabio)
 o       LDM partition merge fix                         (Al Viro)
 o       Namespace fixes from 2.4.11pre*                 (Al Viro)
 o       pipe.c cleanup                                  (Al Viro)
 o       Fix the iobuf oops                              (Anwar Payyoorayil)
 o       Fix bootp image loader on Alpha                 (Jay Estabrook)
 o       scsi tape module locking fixes                  (Kai Mäkisara)
 o       opl3sa2 dual DMA fix                            (Jerome Auge)
 o       Quota fixes for -ac using S_NOQUOTA flags       (Jan Kara)
 o       Fix pci64 broken irq mask hack and an SRM fix   (Jay Estabrook)
 o       Fix DRM procfs oops                             (Abraham vd Merwe)
 o       Toshiba SMM driver check laptop is a Toshiba    (Jonathan Buzzard)
 o       Clean up rep_nop stuff in init/main.c for       (Paul Mackerras)
 o       Update EV6/EV67 cpu selection                   (Jay Estabrook)
 o       Small alpha fixups                              (Jay Estabrook)
 o       Remove ASSEMBLY bits                            (Keith Owens)
 o       Change PPC64 contact person                     (Dave Engebretsen)
 o       Update cyberpro frame buffer driver             (Bradley LaRonde,
                                                          Russell King)
 o       Add sysrq-M memory zone free info               (Marcelo Tosatti)
 o       Fix mtd export oddments                         (David Woodhouse)
 o       Export handling cleanup/doc update              (Keith Owens)
 o       Irda cleanups                                   (Jean Tourrilhes)
 o       Irda discovery in passive mode fixes            (Jean Tourrilhes)
 o       Irda usb updates                                (Jean Tourrilhes)
 o       VLSI irda updates                               (Martin Diehl)
 o       PPP over ATM support                            (Mitchell Blank,
                                                          Jens Axboe)
 o       Initial fix for the ELF loader bug              (Linus Torvalds)
 o       Revert 2.4.10 sys_personality ABI change bug    (Paul Larson)
 o       Add support for 16 byte commands to scsi        (Khalid)
         (only some controllers handle this)
 o       Small updates to the ide raid drivers           (Arjan van de Ven)
 o       Update the hermes drivers                       (David Gibson)
 o       Airo driver update                              (Javier Achirica)
 o       NCR 53c700 update                               (James Bottomley)
 o       Next set of pnpbios work                        (Thomas Hood)
 o       Update ARM includes                             (Russell King)
 o       Update nwflash driver                           (Russell King)
 o       ARM alignment fix                               (Russell King)
 o       More pci.ids                                    (Russell King)
 o       Add another SB variant                          (Jerome Cornet)
 o       SMBfs updates                                   (Urban Widmark)
 o       Further mtd driver updates                      (David Woodhouse)
 o       Update ibmcam idents                            (Dmitri)

 o       Switch to Linus behaviour for kmap              (Trond Myklebust)
         in generic_file_write - should fix NFS oopses
         | I dont have any highmem boxes so you get to test 8)
 o       ext3 deadlock versus truncate fix               (Tachino Nobuhiro)
 o       Small reiserfs transaction fix                  (Nikita Danilov)
 o       Fix a fencepost error in the vm decision making (Rik van Riel)
 o       Shmem accounting fix                            (Christoph Rohland)
 o       BH async flag changes from 2.4.10               (Andrea Arcangeli)
 o       Remove wbinvd macro the acpi people re-added    (Dave Jones)
 o       Make the kiobuf init code only clean needed     (Andrew Bond)
         fields (noticably speeds up Oracle)
 o       Move DMI scanning earlier in the kernel boot    (Stelian Pop)
         | This is needed to detect the vaio early enough
 o       Try and fix 21041 problems with tulip, better   (Herbert Xu)
 o       Tulip rx dropped calculation
 o       Add further PCI idents                          (Jeff Garzik)
 o       Add another ident to the clgen fb               (Jeff Garzik)
 o       Add intel i830 to the agp code idents           (Christof Efkemann)
 o       pl2303 usb serial fixes                         (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
 o       ipconfig typo fix                               (Ralf Baechle)
 o       Fix user mode linux build with new ptrace       (Jeff Dike)
 o       JFFS tags update                                (David Woodhouse)
 o       Kill of remaining old style video4linux inits   (Ladis Michl)
 o       Update i2c to rev 2.6.1                         (Christoph Hellwig)

 o       Fix page_kills_ppro call                        (Peter Blomgren)
 o       mtd jffs and jffs2 updates                      (David Woodhouse)
 o       Partition handling updates                      (Al Viro)
 o       S/390 documentation updates                     (Martin Schwidefsky)
 o       S/390 code updates                              (Martin Schwidefsky)
 o       Add clean config for bust_spinlock generics     (Martin Schwidefsky)
 o       Correct EXPORT_MODULE_GPL                       (Keith Owens)
 o       NFSv3 mkdir fix                                 (Glen Serre)
 o       Clean up NFS yielding                           (Trond Myklebust)

 o       Merge Configure.help changes from 2.4.10
 o       Fix the spin_unlock oostore to maybe work       (me)
 o       Fix for pentium pro errata #50                  (me)
 o       initio driver type cleanups                     (Arjan van de Ven)
 o       rpc_queue_lock needs to be non static           (Frank Davies)
 o       Fix a potential crash in ldm partition code     (Al Viro)
 o       Acenic updates                                  (Jes Sorensen)
 o       Fix scsi tur direction info                     (James Bottomley)
 o       Further natsemi updates                         (Manfred Spraul)
 o       Add license tags to jffs/jffs2                  (Frank Davies)
 o       Console driver optimisations                    (Geert Uytterhoeven)
 o       Add belkin F5U120 serial to belkin_sa           (Amy Fong)
 o       Big endian fixes for console drivers            (Geert Uytterhoeven)
 o       Add module tags to the mwave driver             (Thomas Hood)
 o       i2o header file cleanups                        (Russell King)
 o       Fix C2 power state in ACPI                      (Martin Röder)
 o       Deadlock and error handling fixes for 8139too   (Manfred Spraul)
 o       Update NR_DEAD in keyboard driver               (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                                 de Melo)
 o       Fix race in processor init sequence             (Martin Bligh)
 o       Check procfs returns in acpi                    (Pavel Machek)
 o       Add DMI handles for problem K7V-RM and          (Pavel Machek)
         Tosh 4030cdt
 o       Fix analog joystick breakage from 2.4.10        (Vojtech Pavlik)
 o       Work around vaio weird pnpbios happenings       (Thomas Hood)
 o       Update ninja scsi driver                        (YOKOTA Hiroshi)
 o       Adbmouse typo fix                               (Paul Mackerras)

 o       Merge with Linux 2.4.10 tree
         - Drop VM changes
         - Drop raw/block I/O changes
         - Drop out O_DIRECT
         - Basically remove the seriously unsafe stuff and
           keep the -ac VM
         - I've not applied the obvious fixes so ACPI and joysticks
           are still icky - that is for ac2
 o       Fix the noncompile of SMP OOSTORE kernels       (me)


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