October 26, 2001

Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.13-ac2 released

Author: JT Smith

ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/alan/linux-2.4/. Intermediate diffs are available from http://www.bzimage.org.

Alan Cox writes, "The usual warnings apply. This is an initial merge against
2.4.13.The patches are still getting smaller which is good."

o Cast fixes for warnings (Jeff Garzik)
o Parse MP OEM data for NUMA nodes (Martin Bligh)
o Possible fix for the X/screenblank hang on
console switching (Chris Ahna)
o Fix cycle detection on PC164/LX164 Alpha boxes (Richard Henderson,
Ivan Kokshaysky)
o Small parport update (Tim Waugh)
o Remove now unneeded PAE export (Hugh Dickins)
o PnPBIOS driver update (Thomas Hood)
o Update AGP tables and idents for SiS devices (Can-Ru Yeou)
o Merge newer SiS frame buffer drivers (Can-Ru Yeou)
| Clean up is my fault so if it broke tell me
o Fix ac97 unknown codec oops (Tachino Nobuhiro)
o Acenic + highmem patch (Dave Miller)
o Add pci tables to zoran drivers (Andrey Panin)
o Switch neomagic 256 to ac97_codec (Jeff Garzik)
o VIA audio pause fix (Thomas Sailer)
o SYS5 changelog update (Jeff Garzik)

o Merge with Linus 2.4.13

o Fix i2o_proc locking thinko (me)
o Aiptek tablet driver (Chris Atenasio)
o Update ARM920T support (Russell King)
o Add some additional PCI idents (Tim Hockin)
o Further SA1100/CERF ARM updates (Russell King)
o Reduce printk noise in amd flash driver (David Woodhouse)
o Add missing schedule()
to jffs2 gc thread (David Woodhouse)
o Add license tag to NTFS (Richard Russon)
o PCMCIA suspend fix for SA1100 ARM (Russell King)
o Increase close wait tracking for ip_conntrack (Darrell Escola)
o PCI hot plug support (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Compaq FC driver update (Steve Cameron)
o Fix UP APIC without IOAPIC build fail (Mikael Pettersson)
o Intel 82092 PCI/PCMCIA bridge support (Arjan van de Ven)
| Based heavily on the pcmcia package
o Include buffer size extension in dhcp frames (Andreas Steinmetz)
o Fix u14f/u34f build problem (Andreas Steinmetz)
o Fix trident.c build on Alpha (me)
o Various other Alpha build fixes (Jeff Garzik)
o Simplify serverworks mtrr check (Dave Jones)
o ARM configuration updates (Russell King)
o Update natsemi driver (Jeff Garzik)
o Computone ip2 update (Michael Warfield)
o Fix CONFIG_SIMNOW (Andi Kleen)
o Update 8139too docs (Jeff Garzik)
o Make autofs4 return symlink lengths

o Fix more preprocessor oddments (Jean-Luc Leger)
o Fix ipconfig build (Mauricio Zambrano)
o Radeonfb updates (7500, 8500, fp support)
(Ani Joshi)
o Excalibur ARM support (Altera)
o Enable SA1110 clock scaling on Cerf (Russell King)
o ARM config updates (Russell King)
o Fix ulong->unsigned long in videodev.h (Felix von Leitner)
o Miscellaneous ARM bits (Russell King)
o Support the Promise SX6000 better (Vojtech Pavlik)
o Fix a problem with ymfpci and civctp (Pete Zaitcev)
o Update the ARM shark maintainer contact info (Alexander Schulz)
o PF_MEMALLOC kswapd death fix (Manfred Spraul)
o Remove now surplus quota ifdefs from ext3 (Andrew Morton)
o USB locking fix (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o UHCI fixes (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Add more pegasus driver idents (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Scanner unload race fix (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o ARM assabet updates (Russell King)
o Add additional APIC message retransmit handling (Stephen Tweedie)
o Add excalibur ARM include files (Altera)
o RTL8139CP driver (Jeff Garzik)
o Sun network driver license tags (Jeff Garzik)
o Add some new pci idents (Jeff Garzik)
o Sundance alta driver updates
o Airo driver update (Javier Achirica, Jean Tourhilles,
Jeff Garzik, Ben Reed)
o Add license tags to various sound drivers (Frank Davis)


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