July 16, 2001

Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.6-ac5

Author: JT Smith

ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/alan/2.4/. Intermediate diffs are available from http://www.bzimage.org.

Cox writes, "This time the VIA fix should work, sorry about that.

"So far so good, but still treat this one with care. We now use the
official VIA workaround for the southbridge bugs. That should fix
the ES137x/SB PCI problems on VIA and some other stuff without
breaking the IDE corruption fix.
The i810 security hole is now patched too."

o Fix VIA workaround (I merged the wrong diff) (me)
o Small NTFS update (Anton Altaparmakov)
o Add io memory emulation to user mode Linux (Greg Lonnon)
o Futher uml management console updates (Jeff Dike)
o Update uml defconfig, clean up casts,signals (Jeff Dike,
suser to capable James Stevenson)
o Fix midi via72cxxx 'bad devc' crash (Adrian Cox)
o Add snprintf/vsnprintf to the kernel (Crutcher Dunnavant)
| Lots of places want tweaking to use snprintf now
| notably the isdn code with its own snprintf
o Don't go off the end of the ROM looking for SBF (me)
o Fix warning in mce code (Mikael Pettersson)

o Update VIA southbridge bug fix to VIA provided
workaround. (me)
| Except we apply it even when no sblive is present
o Fix up includes to use slab.h (Chris Wedgewood)
o Switch es1371 internal amp to a table (Frank Aune, me)
o Merge improve zone balancing (Marcelo Tosatti)
| Should fix a lot of high zone balancing problems
o Update to megaraid 1.17a (Atul Mukker)
o Add large file support to user mode Linux (Lennert Buytenhek)
o Add management console to user mode Linux (Lennert Buytenhek)
o IDE updates (Andre Hedrick)
o Updated SBNI drivers (Yaroslav Polyakov, Denis I.Timofeev)
o Fix the i810 'read any kernel memory' bug (me)


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