August 28, 2001

Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.9-ac3

Author: JT Smith

Alan Cox releases Linux kernel 2.4.9-ac3. Read on for changelog, links.

                                    Intermediate diffs are available from

                   *       Ok this seems to be stable. The changes in ac3 are actually
                   *       all queued fixes from before the merge
                   *       The bits outstanding are the vm changes which I want to take
                   *       very slowly, and the min/max thing which needs to be dealt with.

                   o       Fix config glitch in drivers/video/    (Steven Cole)
                   o       Kaweth endian fixes                             (Brad Hards)
                   o       Update the MPT fusion drivers                   (Steve Ralston)
                   o       Possible floppy probe fix                       (Paul Gortmaker)
                   o       Add the KT266 agp to the table                  (Kris Kersey)
                   o       Start convering ia32 and x86_64 mtrr code       (Dave Jones)
                   o       Account ramdisk in out of memory code           (Russell King)
                   o       Possible fix for cardbus allocation failures    (Andreas Bombe)
                   o       Clean up other cases of const initdata          (Dave Jones)
                   o       Update the keyboard rate code to be more        (Dave Miller)
                           flexible (needed for sparc)
                   o fixes                            (Steven Cole)
                   o       Pegasus USB driver fixes                        (Petko Manolov)
                   o       Fix i810 audio pops on speed changes            (Scott Herod)
                   o       GPIO driver for the ITE board                   (Hai-Pao Fan)
                   o       Philips Nino port update                (Steven Hill, Pavel Machek)

                   o       Last small bits of the PPC merge                (Paul Mackerras)
                   o       Fix compile bugs in airport driver              (David Gibson)
                   o       ITE8172 ide updates                             (Steve L)
                   o       Add i2c drivers for the ITE board               (Hai-Pao Fan)
                   o       AC97 register naming fix                        (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       TI 3912 serial driver                   (Harald Koerfgen, Jim Pick,
                                                                            Steven Hill)
                   o       ITE general updates                             (P Popov)
                   o       Remove double init of SGI streamable device     (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Update SGI indy drivers                         (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Qtronix keyboard driver updates                 (P Popov)
                   o       Add tx3192 frame buffer support                 (Steven Hill)
                   o       MIPS frame buffer updates                       (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Move vino.h into driver directory               (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Ocelot updates                  (Jun Sun, G Lonnon, S Kranz, Steve J)
                   o       DDB5 updates                                    (Jun Sun)
                   o       MIPS jazz update                                (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       SGI wd33c93 update                              (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Baget updates                                   (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       SNI updates                                     (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Alchemy Au1000 support                          (P Popov)
                   o       MIPS eval board updates         (Ralf Baechle, Carsten Langgaard)
                   o       Update Decstation serial support                (Maciej W. Rozycki)
                   o       NEC Vrc5477 audio driver                        (Steve L)
                   o       General MIPS32 updates          (Jun Sun, Ralf Baechle, Matt Porter,
                                                            Kevin Kissell, Carsten Langgaard,
                                                            Jan-Benedict Glaw)
                   o       MIPS scsi updates                               (Ralf Baechle)
                   o       Notifier signal oops fix                (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)

                   o       Merge the fat and iso changes from 2.4.9
                   o       Merge the sunrpc changes from 2.4.9
                   o       Merge (hopefully correctly) the nfs changes
                   o       Switch to the 2.4.9 emu10k1 driver
                   o       Merge vfs directory type changes
                   o       Merge other oddments
                           - This leaves min/max and the vm/buffer changes
                             both of which are pretty dubious anyway
                   o       lock_kiovec page unwind fix                     (Velizar B)
                   o       do_swap_page recheck pte before failing         (Linus, Jeremy Linton)
                   o       do_swap_page doesn't mkwrite when deleting      (Linus)
                           | From 2.4.9 with extra comments etc            (Hugh Dickins)


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