Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.4-ac5


Author: JT Smith — Intermediate diffs are available from Alan Cox: “Please test this code **carefully** if using an HPT366/370 IDE controller as
there are driver changes there. Otherwise its mostly just catching up with
the bugfixes.”

o       Fix DMA setup on hpt366/370                     (Tim Hockin)
o       DRM memory alloc failure checks                 (Akash Jain)
o       Remove bogus fs/buffer.c diff                   (Ben LaHaise)
o       cs46xx update - adds Hercules Game Theatre XP   (Thomas Woller)
o       Fix menuconfig breakage with ()         (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Updated multithreaded core dump support         (Don Dugger)
o       Remove dead ibmtr.h include                     (Mike Phillips)
o       Fix misplaced letters in koi8-u                 (Andriy Rysin)
o       Further alpha module locking fix                (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Keyspan bitwidth fixes                          (Hugh Blemings)
o       usb-uhci oops fix                               (Pete Zaitcev)
o       Add ability to specify preferred minor on       (Gerd Knorr)
        video/radio4linux devices
o       Further IPX updates                     (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Further IRDA updates                            (Dag Brattli)
o       Make x86 ptrace framesize a define (code clean) (Pavel Machek)
o       Moxa serial tidy                                (Tim Hockin)
o       Fix tiny select race                            (Rusty Russell)
o       Update aic7xxx to 6.1.12                        (Justin Gibbs)
o       Alpha was missing rwlock_init                   (Reto Baettig)
o       Alpha SCHED_YIELD was broken on UP              (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Allow IRQ sharingon more PCI ide                (Pete Zaitcev)
o       Fix capable checks found by Stanford analyser   (me)
        for cciss/cpqarray
o       List more devices in sysrq table        (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Run uml exit callbacks reverse to init          (Andrew Morton)
o       Fix SMP resched_idle pre-emption bug            (Nigel Gamble)
o       Work around config problem with menuconfig
        and USB                                 (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Fix nasty bug in Alpha PCI mapping              (Hyung Min SEO)
        | Nautilus specific stuff not applied yet
o       SBLive endianness fixes (output only so far)    (Ira Weiny)
o       Move sblive pci_enable earlier                  (Marcus Meissner)
o       Merge IBM ServeRAID 4.72 driver                 (Keith Mitchell)
o       Fix affs races                                  (Roman Zippel)
o       Fix cdrom unload crash                  (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)

o       Fix future domain scsi                          (Carlo Prelz)
o       Merge Linux 2.4.5pre1
o       Fix ipx without sysctl compile                  (Pavel Roskin)
o       Revert fork changes to match Linus 2.4.5pre1
o       Drop the threaded core dump code
        | It can go back in when it works
o       Drop pa-risc work - it'll be easier to resync
        just once as pa has moved on a lot
o       Add spin_lock_prefetch to get_empty_inode       (me)
        | Experimenting
o       Kbuild has moved                                (Keith Owens)
o       Update kernel docs on memory barriers           (Rusty Russell)
o       Move es1370 pci_enable and do some cleanup      (Marcus Meissner)
o       Fix netfilter overuse of __exit                 (Rusty Russell)
o       Fix alpha build bug                             (Michal Jaegermann)
o       Fix tigon1 build                                (Olivier Galibert)
o       Fix tmpfs deadlocks writing into a file from    (Christoph Rohland)
        an mmap of itself
o       Fix missing (but harmless) return in vmtruncate (Al Viro)

o       Fix hang on boot with SMP                       (Andrea Arcangeli)
        | and fixes a few more uglies too
o       freevxfs module name was wrong (should be       (me)
o       Update alloc_etherdev docs                      (Erik Mouw)
o       Remove dead funcs, put back ip_set_manually     (David Miller,
        in the ipconfig code                    (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Fix SA_ONSTACK standards violation (for x86)    (Christian Ehrhardt)
        | Other arch maintainers should check..
o       Add another species of SB AWE 32                (Bill Nottingham)
o       SE401 USB camera driver                         (Jeroen Vreeken)
o       Correct MAX_HD and make stuff static in ps2esdi (Hal Duston)
o       Fix inode-nr corruption                         (Al Viro)
o       Fix pgd_alloc for user mode linux               (Jeff Dike)
o       Fix UML hostfs for get_hardsect_size            (Jeff Dike)
o       Tidy up APM options setting, add module opts    (Stephen Rothwell)
o       Fix acm open race                               (Oliver Neukum)
o       Further bounce buffer fixes                     (Arjan van de Ven)
o       ACPI updates                                    (Andrew Grover)
o       Move pci_enable_device earlier on via audio     (Arjan van de Ven)

o       Remove some spurious whitespace differences     (me)
        between trees
o       Make the VIA timer reload check test avoid      (me)
        tripping on a timer as it rolls back to zero
o       Drop dasdfmt man page changes (dos ^M noise)    (me)
o       Drop experimental iee1284 pnp module loading    (me)
o       Revert pcnet32 chance causing compile errors    (me)
o       Remove wrong __init in sunhme                   (Dave Miller)
o       Fix overlarge udely in aironet4500              (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Remove non existant parameter from aironet4500  (Keith Owens)
o       Kill duplicate aic7xxx include          (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Fix pci2220i scsi compile bug                   (Matt Domsch)
o       Fix module exception race on Alpha              (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Disable broken large vmalloc support on Alpha   (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Remove dead ia64 config entries                 (Steven Cole)
o       Add kbuild list info to MAINTAINERS             (Steven Cole)
o       linux appletalk list has moved          (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Revert wrong mount changes in 2.4.4             (Andries Brouwer)
o       Revert drivers/scsi/scsi.c change in 2.4.4      (me)
        that subtly broke about 15 drivers
o       Fix typo in slab.h                              (Pavel Machek)
o       More correct child favouring fork behaviour     (Peter Österlund)
o       Only apply pci fixups if there is a VIA 686B    (Charl Botha)
o       Fix GDT padding error introduced by PnPBIOS     (Brian Gerst)
o       Fix UML build without CONFIG_PT_PROXY           (Jeff Dike)
o       dmfe wasnt calling dev_alloc_skb                (Tobias Ringstrom)
o       Further fixups                   (Steven Cole)
o       Move pci_enable_device earlier in trident       (Marcus Meissner)

o       Merge with Linus 2.4.4
        | This wasnt entirely trivial so this is the only
        | stuff in this patch
        | The following stuff has been switched to the Linus branch
        | in the merge: uhci, dcache atomicity, raw I/O


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