January 8, 2008

AliXe 0.11b -- Linux Bilingue Québecois

Over the past year or two Iââ¬â¢ve been drifting away from Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mandriva towards distros derived from Slackware for desktop use. The reason is simple: these distributions tend to have the best performance Iââ¬â¢ve found, particularly on older or limited hardware. Slackware itself lacks some graphical tools and user friendly features that more popular distros have but is outstanding in terms of stability and reliability. A number of Slackware derived distros retain those benefits while offering the ease of use many of us have come to expect. AliXe is such a distro, albeit one designed to be small and compact, making it particularly suitable for older hardware. True to itââ¬â¢s Canadian heritage, AliXe also offers full support for both French and English despite itââ¬â¢s small size.

Link: oreillynet.com


  • Linux
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