April 26, 2005

All we want to know is this: Will new Longhorn security work?

Author: Chris Preimesberger

Microsoft's finally coming forward with more detail on how it plans to fortify the latest version of its bread-and-butter operating system, so that all those nasty viruses, worms, and whatever can't get in and eat the bread and butter.
You might have heard that the company plans to hardwire its computer security into the processor rather than rely on software alone; this new feature will make its debut in the next release of Windows (Longhorn), which will ship late next year.

We had a story detailing most of these plans way back in fall 2003, when the man charged with upgrading Windows security, John Manferdelli, showed the Longhorn inner workings to some Stanford University students -- plus yours truly. In fact, the so-called "Palladium" (later called the Next Generation Secure Computing Base, or NGSCB), the new security setup, started out a full year before that, in 2002. So all those man/woman-years of research, coding, trial and error, QA, testing, etc. are coming into the final stretch.


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