July 1, 2005

Amanith Framework 0.1b released!

PRESS RELEASE - Matteo writes "After 8 months of hard coding, we are proud to announce the release of Amanith Framework 0.1beta.

Amanith Framework is a crossplatform opensource ansi C++ framework aimed to handle 2d and 3d vector graphic.
One of Amanith's strenght points is the highly customization capability that make possible to compile the framework with a wide options range (like the possibility to choose, for example, between double or float as real numbers rappresentation, without change anything into code sources) and including/excluding many modules to add/subtract various features (a.e.: jpeg and png picture format support); in addition you can choose to compile all modules as plugins, so, thanks to the Amanith kernel-plugins system, you can load/unload them at runtime, saving a lot of ram for other tasks.
Another important thing that you have to keep in mind when you look Amanith is that all the framework has been written using only ANSI C++, that grants stability and reliability beside the portability on many hw/sw architectures. Currently Amanith compiles without any problems under many Unix environments (a.e.: linux, bsd, irix), Windows, and MacOS X, with different compilers like VisualStudio, Xcode and Gcc.

Main Features of this release are:

Highly customization capability
Fast template math
Modular plugin system
Light weighted type introspection
Bitmap support: Jpeg, Png
Bitmap filters
Basic geometric entities and relative queries (distance, intersection)
2D curves & paths: B├ęzier, B-Spline, Hermite, Polyline
2D font engine
2D bitmap vectorizer
2D fast tessellator (supporting holes and non simple contours)
OpenGl extensions manager

Supported Platforms of this release are:

Linux (Gcc)
FreeBsd (Gcc)
Irix (Gcc)
MacOS X (Xcode 1.x)
Windows (Visual Studio)"

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