August 4, 2005

Amanith Framework v0.1 Final released.

Matteo writes "Mazatech Inc. has released the final version 0.1 of Amanith Framework.

Main changes from v0.1 beta are:

  • Updated to zlib v1.2.3 (that resolves some security issues).
  • Updated to libpng v1.2.8 (that resolves some security issues).
  • Added Visual Studio .Net 2003 build solution.
  • Added installer and binaries for Windows platform.
  • Added full support for paletted images, and implemented an octree color quantization.
  • More robust geometric predicates have been introduced into tesselator.
  • Added filling rules for tesselation (ODD, EVEN, BOTH).
  • Added indexed array output in the tesselator api.
  • Added a new example, that shows the realtime capabilities of Amanith tesselator.
  • Added official support of Qt4 for examples and tools.
  • Added unofficial support for MinGW compiler.

Amanith is a crossplatform opensource ansi C++ framework aimed to handle 2d and 3d vector graphics.
One of Amanith's strenght points is the highly customization capability that make possible to compile the framework with a wide options range (like the possibility to choose, for example, between double or float as real numbers rappresentation, without change anything into code sources) and the possibility to include/exclude many modules to add/subtract various features (a.e.: jpeg and png picture format support); in addition you can choose to compile all modules as plugins, so, thanks to the Amanith kernel-plugins system, you can load/unload them at runtime, saving a lot of ram for other tasks.
Official homepage is"


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