December 17, 2005 Deploys Moab-based Internet Data Mining

Cluster Resources writes ", through its subsidiary Alexa, announced Monday, Dec. 12 the availability of their Alexa Web Search Platform ( The new service provides public access to a collection of more than 300 terabytes of data collected by Alexa’s Web crawl, essentially, three public copies of the relevant Internet. At the core of this service is Cluster Resources’ Moab Utility/Hosting Suite software which enables Alexa’s dynamic creation of personalized cluster environments for each individual search request.

The Alexa service leverages Moab Technologies to create a customized Web-based interface that lets users submit requests and monitor their accounts. When a customer accesses the Alexa Web Search Platform, Moab sets up a customized Virtual Private Cluster (VPC) — a complete computing environment of all needed hardware, network, storage, security, accounting information, etc. The VPC is unique because unlike traditional methods which take days to weeks to set up a customized cluster environment, Moab can set up a VPC almost instantaneously, allowing customers to get their work done quicker.

Moab Utility/Hosting Suite is a full solution that enables utility computing in HPC environments, including instantaneous provisioning through its VPC, scheduling, accounting/billing, security, etc. For more information on the Moab Utility/Hosting Suite visit  

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