May 14, 2003

AMD exec: Opteron makes enterprise Linux compelling

Michael S. Mimoso writes "Advanced Micro Devices stepped up the 64-bit computing race late last month when it introduced its Opteron processor, a 64-bit compatible 32-bit chip that AMD, analysts and users have touted a natural fit for Linux. Not only does Opteron present a challenger to Intel's 64-bit option, Itanium 2, it comes into the game with several noteworthy benchmarks in hand and the blessing of IBM. IBM, a huge Linux player, has already certified its DB2 database for Opteron and has committed to building a platform based on the processor. Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD's microprocessor business unit, details the advantages of Opteron for enterprises either using or considering a move to Linux in this interview."



  • Linux
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