AMD, Intel and RSA Team Up, Form the Cyber Security Research Alliance


Tech giants, including AMD, Intel and RSA teamup to form the Cyber Security Research Alliance

Sure, it’s not the first elite cybercrime-fighting team we’ve heard of, it’s also not everyday you hear the likes of Intel, Lockheed Martin and AMD buddying up on research. The companies are looking to address the “complex problems” in cyber security, with the private, non-profit group (which also includes Honeywell and RSA/EMC) aiming to work somewhere between government-funded security research and commercial products already out there. The Cyber Security Research Alliance is already in talks with NIST, and plans to launch a security research symposium early next year. The CSRA will also start tracking cyber security R&D, “prioritize” those aforementioned challenges, and hopefully come together for the greater good.

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