June 24, 2005

AMD still No. 2 but seems to be trying harder

Author: Melanie Hollands

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.announced May 31 that it launched the next version of its dual-core processors for desktops and notebooks with its new Athlon 64-bit X2 processors. This pits AMD head-to-head against Intel in

Melanie Hollands

dual-core, 64-bit computing. AMD's announcement came five days after Intel announced its own line of dual-core parts.

Three weeks after AMD's announcement, U.K.s The Register.com reported that AMD's new dual-core Athlon chips were all but sold out in Tokyo.

There's no question dual-core could be huge for AMD. Even a 10 percent share gain, just in the slow-growing desktop business, would flow right to AMD's bottom line. I have to believe they're in "Tokyo computer shops," because this is where the highest prices are paid. From Intel's perspective, desktops are the low ground. Dell is the biggest desktop manufacturer and is still Intel-only. The growth is in notebooks.

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