June 1, 2011

AMD Study: Growing Trust in Cloud Computing as Businesses Achieve Measurable Value

So why does so much IT press focus on Cloud Computing? Two words: Business Opportunity.

As data and information grows rapidly online, cloud computing represents an efficient way to manage that digital explosion. But, how do you measure the growth of the cloud? And, what is the current state of cloud adoption globally. This video from AMD provides insight into those important questions, while also detailing the crucial importance of the underlying infrastructure of the cloud.

Today AMD announced the results of a global study into cloud computing. Highlights from the research, conducted among 1,500 businesses in Asia, Europe and the US included the following:

  • 74 percent of US organizations are using or investigating cloud solutions, followed by 68 percent in Asia and 58 percent in Europe
  • 60 percent of businesses reported that they are already seeing business value from cloud deployments
  • 63 percent of organizations using the cloud to host data estimated they store more than $250,000 worth of data in the cloud
  • 92 percent of cloud users stated that infrastructure was an important part of their decision to move to the model.

Download the Research Report.

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