September 21, 2003

Analysis of Symantec's Stance on Censorship

Anonymous Reader writes "According to this report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Chief Operating Officer of Symantec, John Schwarz, was quoted as "calling for laws to make it a criminal offense to share information and tools online which could be used by malicious hackers and virus writers". If this is the official stance from Symantec, then I must say they can consider me an strong advocate of their competitors and a boycotter of their product line. Our country has a history of censorship blunders and what I call "censorship legislation" that has mucked up our legal system long enough and crippled the responsible citizens with little-to-no affect on actual crime. This short article will take a look at the negative affects of the censorship legislation backed by the COO of Symantec and also a couple of recent examples of "censorship legislation"... and what little affect it has had on criminals, while having a substantial affect on responsible citizens. I can only draw one of two conclusions about Mr. Schwarz based on this stance. In my opinion, he is either completely ignorant of the affects of this type of legislation, or he is an avid supporter of weakening American infrastructure, American jobs, and the US Constitution."



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