April 28, 2005

Analyzing the problems success can cause for a wireless company

Author: Craig Settles

I was on a segment of the "Today" show recently that addressed a problem caused by a bazillion people using cell phones, PDAs, Game Boys, and other mobile devices: not enough electrical outlets. How often have you wandered through an airport, fidgeted in a Starbucks, or panicked in a hotel lobby while your battery died and you couldn't find an available outlet?

My contribution to this story was "The Law of Unintended Consequences" -- technology created for one purpose often produces different and unexpected effects. This isn't inherently good or bad, but vendors would do themselves a favor by better preparing for, or responding to, the Law when it comes knocking.

Many vendors spend minor fortunes and expend major efforts to produce and sell products driven by quarterly sales projections and board meetings. Good marketing people and visionaries suffer under this unrelenting pressure to meet short-term goals that hinders adequate long-term planning.

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