December 27, 2005

Anatolian Leopard Roars Again: Pardus 1.0 released

Guest writes "Pardus 1.0, a desktop oriented Linux distribution, fully supports Turkish language, and is designed in a human-centric fashion for easy installation and operation. The most important feature of the operating system is the innovative technologies developed by the TUBITAK/UEKAE team upon which the main framework of Pardus is built. The operating system is named after the Anatolian leopard Panthera pardus tulliana.

The most remarkable components of Pardus are ÇOMAR, the COnfiguration MAnageR, and PiSi (Packages installed Successfully, as intended), the package manager. They are both designed and developed in-house and expected to get attention from the global Linux community.

Pardus supports full Turkish spell check and provides grammar support, through Turkish Natural Language Processing Library and Spell Checking Plug-in called Zemberek. This is available not only in office programs, but in most desktop applications, including instant messaging and e-mail clients.

In the last days of December, an innovative software product will flourish from Turkey and spread all over the world."


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