January 23, 2001

Andamooka adds four books, including 'The Cathedral and The Bazaar'

Author: JT Smith

From LinuxPR: Andamooka has added four more books to its community-annotated online
collection of open content.

"The Cathedral & The Bazaar" is a well-known collection of essays on Open
Source by Eric S. Raymond.

"Underground," by Suelette Dreyfus, is a novel based on the true stories of the
"hacker" (perhaps "cracker" is the right word) underground. It has recently been
released online under an open-content style license to Project Gutenberg and

"Linux Newbie Administrator's Guide," by Stan and Peter Klimas, is an
introduction to Linux written by authors who have recently learned the OS
themselves, so they understand what newbies are going through.

"Squid: A User's Guide by Oskar Pearson, is the manual and guide for the Squid
Internet proxy-cache.

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