May 24, 2001

Andamooka adds security, cryptography, and Debian books

Author: JT Smith

David Sweet writes, Andamooka, the online open content library, is proud to make the
following books available for reading, annotation, and

About Andamooka

Andamooka is a collection of
support communities for open content books.

Andamooka's public forum helps bring together people with common
interests -- after all, they're all reading the same book! -- to
assist each other in studying, analyzing, or putting into practice the
content of the book.

The Open Content License, GNU Free Documentation License, and
similar licenses have the potential to dramatically change the way a
book is developed and is received by its readers, and Andamooka is
continually being improving to further explore and utilize the
freedoms granted by these licenses.

At Andamooka we want to get active readers together to discuss and
modify the work openly -- in a public forum -- so that issues of fact,
clarity, and content can be addressed and correct, useful additions
can be made to the main work. Because the licenses are relatively
unrestrictive, the modified work can then be redistributed so that
each reader can benefit from the work of the entire commmunity. In
this model, "open" books become dynamic and can be constantly current."

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