June 12, 2008

Andre Boisvert: The Man Behind the Open Source Curtain

Author: JT Smith

Most open source luminaries are known for their code, their successful startup successes or even their outspokenness. Andre Boisvert comes to open source from a different angle. Having worked for two billionaire programmers, Larry Ellison and Jim Goodnight, Andreââ¬â¢s transition from proprietary software to open source software has been an interesting journey. Andre started out his career at IBM where he spent 3 years. At Big Blue he was fast tracked through various positions in sales, marketing and R&D as part of their executive program. He then left for a turn around at Cognos (now owned by IBM). Heââ¬â¢s been the President and COO of the worldââ¬â¢s largest private software company, SAS Institute Inc. and has been the SVP of Marketing at Oracle. After working for some of the largest proprietary software companies, Andre now works primarily advising open source startups using his experience in order to help them better compete with some of his former employers. Though he keeps a relatively low profile in the open source community though heââ¬â¢s definitely a mover and a shaker.

Link: socializedsoftware.com


  • Open Source
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