May 8, 2012

Andreas Jaeger Wants SLED Team Input for openSUSE

openSUSEMost users are familiar with the various developmental models used for Linux distributions. Smaller projects rely upon volunteers and donations while others get pledged support. The larger projects like Red Hat and Novell sponsor community editions as an investment in their future commercial products. But Andreas Jaeger, openSUSE Program Manager, says he'd like more input from the team of SUSE Linux Enterprise.

In a blog post today Jaeger explained some of the process of development at a commercial/community entity. He said that changes either come from the community edition and pushed upstream or done by the SLED team and pushed downstream. He also thinks it's good practice to push all changes upstream and let them decide to use it or request changes.

All this leads to what appears to be a message to the SLED team saying, "talk to me, tell me what you need." He actually said, "What hasn't been done loudly in the past is raising voice - the SUSE Linux Enterprise developers and product managers raising their voice on what they need for their product and therefore would like to have from openSUSE and discuss how this can be done best." Jaeger fully expects to see more "engagement of the openSUSE community by the SUSE Linux Enterprise stakeholder."


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