Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Binaries Added to AOSP


Android 421 Jelly Bean binaries added to AOSP

Barely a fortnight after the Android 4.2 binaries were added to the Android Open Source Project database, here comes Android 4.2.1. It appears as if the files have been uploaded for the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus (Verizon model included), but the Nexus 4 is being omitted for the time being. In short, this opens the doors for custom ROM makers to dig in and update their own wares with the latest and greatest from Google. And come December, the users of those wares will be hugely appreciative of that extra 0.1. Hit the source links to grab the newness.

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Source:Google Developers, Android Open Source Project

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