December 17, 2009

Android e-Reader Rooted, Booed, and Sued

Article Source LinuxDevices
December 17, 2009, 12:49 pm
Announced by book retail giant Barnes & Noble (B&N) in October, the Nook is the first of several e-readers combining a standard monochrome E Ink e-reader display with a secondary Android screen. In the case of the Nook, however, the Android interface is dedicated solely with communicating with the B&N online book store via a built-in 3G interface for AT&T's network. 
The process required to root (or "mod") the Nook to become a fully hackable device is thoroughly described by NookDevs. The site explains, complete with photos, how to remove the Nook's microSD card holding its modified Android operating system. It then shows how to replace several files to open up the Nook as a general Android web browsing device...
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