February 8, 2002

Announce: European Python and Zope Conference 2002

Author: JT Smith

EuroPython Organizers writes: European Python and Zope Conference 2002 (EuroPython 2002), June 26-28, 2002 at Charleroi, Belgium. http://www.europython.org

The European Python and Zope Conference is an initiative to bring
together European Python and Zope users and developers. This is also
an opportunity for those who are interested in these technologies to
learn more about them. This will be the first major European event
dedicated solely to the Python programming language and its
applications. Since Python is seeing a lot of use and much important
Python software is developed in Europe, European Python community
members felt it was high time to organize a major gathering.

We are extremely proud to announce that one of the keynote speakers
will be Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python.

The event will be held in Charleroi, a city in the south of Belgium
not far from Brussels. The authorities in Charleroi have also
generously pledged support for this meeting.

Special Zope Track and EuroZope members meeting

A special conference track about the Python-based web application Zope
will also be organized. This track is to be run in parallel with the
track on Python. Conference attendees can freely pick and choose
between talks on Python and more Zope specific topics.

At a previous Zope gathering in 2001 the EuroZope Foundation was
created. The EuroZope Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of Zope
in Europe as well as the support of European Zope users and
developers. EuroPython 2002 is happy to host the first general
member's meeting of the EuroZope Foundation.

More information

More information will be announced soon at http://www.europython.org.
More community participation is very welcome! If you feel inspired to
help with the organization of this event, we can always use your help.
As a first step, please subscribe to the EuroPython mailing list at:


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