Announce Luban: a new component oriented language

Peter X Huang writes “2/9/2005(Edison, NJ) – Today is Chinese New Year, happy year of rooster to everybody! And we announce the birth of a new programming language: Luban. Luban is a component oriented scripting language created by Xiaochuan(Peter) Huang in New Jersey, USA.
Peter Huang created Luban because he can’t get no satisfaction. He always wants something easier when using Java, and he always misses name space and interface when doing scripting. He eventually went out and created Luban: a scripting language with a simple and robust component model tailored for scripting.You may say Luban is positioned somewhere between Perl and Java.

Source and binary of Luban version Beta One can be downloaded from:

Major features:
– Easy to start, simple and clean syntax, script and run
– Java bean like property based component model
– Component can be a process or a composition ( like spreadsheet)
– All data types and components are saved in a namespace hierarchy
– Built-in thread dispatching and synchronization
– Component interface inheritance
– Dynamic type checking
– Reflection
– Serialize and send any object over network or into a file.
– Remote Component Call
– Exception free error handling.
– API to import new data types from C++

– Linux
– WIN32( NT, 2000, XP, with Cygwin)

        – gcc 3.0 and up
                – or any ANSI compliant C++ compiler with thread safe STL and POSIX

If you like scripting language and you wish your language can go all the way further, Luban is for you. Check out more details at: