January 3, 2006

Announcing Daffodil CRM v1.5 with database indepence

Rohit Malhotra writes "2nd January, 2006: Daffodil Software today announced the new release of its open source CRM solution Daffodil CRM with database independence as its major feature. The all powerful and user-friendly contact/leads management solution has also been enhanced with many more features in the new release.

The database independence feature introduced in v1.5 will allow the user community to deploy Daffodil CRM with any database of their choice. Currently database scripts are available for SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird and Daffodil DB.

The other new features announced in this release includes support for sending multiple attachments during mass mail campaigns, address label printing from accounts, more flexible admin section, facility of creating views in accounts and enhanced data security.

Commenting on the new release, Sachin Garg (Manager Business Development at Daffodil Software) said that "the new features especially database independence will attract more users towards Daffodil CRM as now they can enjoy all the features of Daffodil CRM without restricting themselves to a single database choice. The enhanced security features and user friendly admin section will make the application more secure and acceptable in business environs".

To access the live demo of Daffodil CRM v1.5, please visit http://www.daffodildb.com:8080/daffodilcrm. To download Daffodil CRM and its source code, please visit the SourceForge page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/daffodilcrm/ ."

Link: daffodildb.com

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