June 23, 2011

Announcing Echoprint

The Echoprint project has announced its existence and initial release of code and data. "The Echo Nest has been focusing on a crucial component of the oncoming music cloud for some time: we spend a lot of time and engineering resources on music resolving. This extends from mapping a query for a band name to its ID, to uncovering mentions of songs on blogs, to identifying the song in an audio stream without any metadata - otherwise known as fingerprinting. The Echo Nest's existing fingerprint technology, 'The Echo Nest Musical Fingerprint' aka ENMFP, has been in wide use privately and via our API for 18 months. Today we are unveiling a new fingerprint technology called 'Echoprint,' whose main feature is its complete openness - everything from the program to analyze the audio to the server and data to make the match are available for anyone to use, under a permissive open source license, for free."

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