February 12, 2001

Announcing LEADTOOLS Imaging for Linux

Author: JT Smith

Catherine Whitten writes "LEAD
NC (December 8, 2000) - - LEAD Technologies, Inc., a LEADing
provider of imaging developer toolkits worldwide, announces the
release of LEADTOOLS Imaging for Linux, an imaging developer toolkit
for the Linux operating system. LEADTOOLS Imaging for Linux is built
directly upon Xlib, which offers developers more flexibility, greater
speed and ease in development, and independence of graphical interface.
LEAD's years of experience in imaging development have translated
to a Linux imaging toolkit that provides developers with better
imaging solutions. LEAD has specifically included unique viewing
and painting options in their paint bitmap functions for Linux,
solving painting (displaying the image) problems inherent to the
Linux operating system. Off-Screen image manipulation (on images
which reside in memory or files) is also supported. Developers can
choose to let the LEAD paint function map the image palette to the
Linux system palette avoiding unwanted color shifts in other applications.
Using the LEAD dithering and converting functions, developers can
paint any image with any bits/pixel in any screen depth, with no
change to the image.
The toolkit includes functionality
for performing image processing, from simple routines (rotate, flip
and invert, etc.) to more advanced (gamma correct, hue and saturation,
histogram equalize, emboss, etc.), in addition to document clean-up,
file format conversion (support for more than 40 formats), and more.
And, LEADTOOLS Imaging for Linux provides the ability to access
all of the included functionalities over a TCP/IP Network, through
the X Windows communication model. LEAD has tested the imaging toolkit
with various Linux distributions such as RedHat, Corel, SuSE, Linux
Mandrake, Caldera Linux and VA Linux, and has included installation
tips in the toolkit's documentation.
Rich Little President of
LEAD states, "LEAD is excited to bring our powerful and market-leading
imaging technology to the Linux developer. We believe that Linux
programmers will greatly benefit from the more than 10 years of
experience LEAD has in the imaging toolkit business. LEADTOOLS is
the most comprehensive imaging toolkit on the market, so Linux programmers
will have a significant head start when integrating imaging into
their application."
Some of the more than
40 LEADTOOLS for Linux supported file formats include:
  • Tagged Image File Format support (including
  • MacPict file support (PCT)
  • Adobe Photoshop 3.0 file support (PSD)
  • Sun Raster file support (RAS)
  • TARGA file support (TGA)
  • ZSoft PCX file support (PCX)
  • WinFax file support (WFX)
  • Windows and OS/2 BMP file support
  • CALS raster file support (CAL)
  • JPEG and LEAD CMP file support (CMP)
  • Encapsulated PostScript file support
  • Raw FAX file support (FAX)
  • GIF file support (GIF)
  • IOCA file support (ICA)
  • GEM Image file support (IMG)
  • JBIG file support (JBG)

Image Processing options
include support for:

  • High and Low Level Geometric Transformations
    (Resize, Trim, Flip, Reverse, Rotate, Rotate, etc.)
  • Color Conversion (Color Separate,
    Color Merge, Convert from one Color Space to another)
  • Color Expansion or Reduction (Dithering
    for custom palette, Grayscale, Halftone, etc.)
  • Geometric Transformations (high level
    and low level)
  • Modification of Intensity Values (Change
    Intensity, Gamma Correct, Change Contrast, etc.)
  • Image Filtering (Add Noise, Despeckle,
    Emboss, Sharpen, Posterize, etc.)
  • Histograms (Histo contrast, Histo
    Equalize, etc.)
  • Image combine (Combine Underlay, Picturize)
  • Interpretation of bitmap coordinates
    (Get/Set point, View perspective, etc.)
  • Getting and setting pixel values (high
    level and low level)


LEADTOOLS is a family of comprehensive
toolkits designed to help programmers integrate raster, document,
medical, multimedia and vector imaging into their applications quickly
and easily. LEADTOOLS gives developers the most flexible and powerful
imaging technology available offering imaging technology for scanning,
color conversion, display/special effects, annotations, image processing,
compression, image format import/export filters, Internet imaging,
medical imaging, database imaging, printing, multimedia, Imaging
Common Dialogs, OCR, FlashPix format, screen capture and more. The
result of ten years of development, the toolkit literally puts millions
of lines of code at the fingertips of application developers.

About LEAD Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1990, LEAD grew out of
years of research headed by Moe Daher to find a comprehensive compression
standard for digital images. LEAD is now the world-leading supplier
of imaging development toolkits, providing technology of the future,
today. LEAD brings to the market the most innovative and technically
superior products that provide the greatest possible value for its
customers. LEAD√Ęs award winning imaging technology is chosen by
Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Boeing, Xerox and thousands of
other companies for use in their high volume applications and internal

LEAD and LEADTOOLS are registered trademarks
of LEAD Technologies, Inc. All other product names are trademarks
of their respective owners.


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