March 14, 2006

Announcing "Linux-on-USB" technologies

MadTux writes "MadTux has developed an innovative technology that puts the entire contents of Knoppix Linux or Ubuntu Linux on a USB Flash Drive. You can now take these popular distributions with you on the go, along with the operating system and your personal data and boot on any other PC that supports USB Flash Drive booting and continue exactly where you left off!

MadTux has also developed the world's first LivePC based on this technology. This affordable, yet feature-packed LivePC offers a VIA C3 Samual II 2000 (800MHz) processor onboard with 512MB RAM, a unique MadTux-developed 1GB (Gigabyte) bootable USB key.

Perfect companion to a desktop, the MadTux LivePC can be used as an Internet PC for children and teenagers, an email workstation, or a thin-client for your office.

Each member of your family can have their own USB key which securely stores their personal data, so you can share a LivePC among multiple users.
The MadTux LivePC makes an excellent platform for children and teenagers or college dormitories with a shared PC environment.

Based on the solid and stable Linux kernel, it offers protection from viruses and malicious spyware. Since it does not have a hard-disk and the filesystem is read-only, it is virtually impossible for spyware or viruses to damage the system.

The LivePC is the perfect Internet and email workstation/thin client for the office. It has connectivity to the internet through a 100Mbps ethernet port, and a number of email programs, including the award winning Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird email application.

The LivePC has no moving parts other than the cooling fans, so it is silent, compact and energy-efficient. It features a sleep mode button that saves energy when not in use but restores the desktop instantly when you want to restart."


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