October 5, 2001

Announcing a new Linux certification program

Author: JT Smith

Lawrence Yiu writes, "I'd like to announce the opening of Linux OpenCERT -- our Linux System Integration Certification Project site. The URL of the site is http://www.systemreview.net.

This new certification project, code named Linux OpenCERT, is a global non-profit inititive that offers a series of Advanced Certification Exams in the field of Linux System Integration.

Linux OpenCERT focuses on Linux System Integration Technology. Currently there are two levels of exams being offered at no cost to the public. The advanced level exams consists of Scenario based questions as well as Full Scale Projects, which require real world expertise and practical performance in order to earn the certification credentials.

You are invited to come and review our site. We want to share with you our new exciting Linux OpenCERT certification project.

Please let me know any question you have regarding Linux OpenCERT. At this moment we keep our site opened only for our potential partners and reviewers for reviews. The formal launch date is tentatively scheduled to be Oct 10, 2001.

Once again, our site URL is http://www.systemreview.net. You will find a lot of interesting information from the site.

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