August 20, 2005

Announcing a New Online Store for Tux T-shirts

(PRLEAP.COM) The brainchild of two Linux enthusiasts, Bryan Dumm and Michael McSteen, TuxDelux is an effort to increase public awareness of Linux by shamelessly marketing and promoting Tux the Penguin, the adopted mascot of the Linux community.

"We don’t see Tux as much as we should. We don’t see it on the street, in the stores or in any media." said Dumm. "We want to change that."

The two originally thought of the idea for Tux Delux while attending a recent
conference. They saw a lot of logos and icons promoting individual
software programs and corporations, but nothing promoting the Linux.
"Mike and I always talk about the need for ‘Place’ (one of the four P’s of
marketing) for Linux. The same holds true for ‘Promotion’," Dumm explained.

Link: PR Leap

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