July 9, 2002

Announcing Shogun - Cluster Infrastructure Manager

James Chivers writes: "Surrey, UK, 8th July 2002 - Open Clustering announces Shogun - a powerful software suite developed to enable administrators to configure, manage and monitor large-scale system deployments built from Open Clustering's Samurai Blade Server, or blade hardware and rackmount systems from other vendors.

"Shogun marks the very beginning of our development of large-scale infrastructure management applications", announced Mr James Chivers, Open Clustering's CTO. "We are delighted with the extensible management platform that is Shogun, and believe that it will have a major impact on the way large and complex multi-site Blade and rackmount server installations are managed. Our future strategy with Shogun includes a move into fully autonomous system setup, configuration and management, self-healing and replication, and auto cluster deployment.", Mr Chivers concluded.

A selection of Shogun's extensive features include:
  » Full SNMP Logging, Alerts & Management
  » Remote System Access (SSH, Telnet & VNC)
  » Remote Hardware Management (Power On/Off/Reboot)
  » Cluster Software Configuration & Monitoring (openMosix, Linux-HA & Beowulf)
  » Multi-Tier Authentication & Access Permissioning
  » Detailed Operating System & Networking View
  » Asset Tagging & Management
  » User-Adaptive System Probing
  » Integrated MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) Support
  » Infrastructure Resource Monitoring & Planning
  » Infrastructure-Wide Search & Query Agent
  » Real-Time System Status Ticker
  » Third Party Module Support & Integration
  » Multi-System Actions (Concurrent Operation Support)
  » System Data Export & Reporting Functions

Through Shogun's platform independent core, the application is able to support Blade Servers from Open Clustering, RLX, Dell, Compaq/HP, Tatung and forth-coming offerings from IBM and Sun Microsystems. Additionally, hardware systems managed need not be based solely on blade server technology, and can thus be standard rackmount/server systems, or are combination of the two technologies. Supported operating systems include Linux (RedHat, SuSE, Debian and others), *BSD, Sun Solaris and Microsoft NT/2K/XP. Application support is rich and varied depending upon OS under management.

Further information and an online demo of Shogun and Open Clustering's products and services can be found at http://www.openclustering.com


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