September 15, 2006

Announcing Software Quality Reports for Bugzilla

Gretchen Moran writes "Pentaho is pleased to bring to the Mozilla community a new open source project called “Software Quality Reports for Bugzilla”, an application built on the Pentaho Open BI Suite to provide enhanced reporting and analysis of data from Bugzilla. The new solution gives software development professionals dramatically better insight to improve their quality management processes, and showcases the breadth and power of Pentaho’s open source BI capabilities.

A new SourceForge project has been created to distribute this solution, and to enable community-based evolution of the project. Software Quality Reports is available today and interested users can access the project at , or link to it from . The application, as well as the source code are available under the Mozilla Public License and requires the Pentaho 1.2 RC2 or later.

A podcast with the developer of the solution, Nicholas Goodman, provides more details on the project. The podcast is available through the TeleInterActive Press at: ntaho_sqr_for_bugzilla .

Read the full press release at sk=view&id=179&Itemid=238 ."


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