June 10, 2002

Announcing version 1.1.2 of CrossOver Plugin

We are happy to announce version 1.1.2 of CrossOver Plugin. This is a
maintenance release which builds on the 1.1.1 release to further improve
stability and support for all environments. We recommend this update for
all of our customers, but if CrossOver Plugin is working well for you,
you should feel no urgent need to upgrade. There will be no time limit
on downloading this version of CrossOver Plugin.
Here is the list of changes since 1.1.1:
 * Fix: The main sound issues, again.
 * Fix: A bug which caused Windows Media Player to stop working after
        upgrading to 1.1.1.
 * Fix: PluginSetup had problems with some broken mailcap files.
 * Fix: The scripts (quicktimeplayer.sh, etc.) should work again in
        multi-user configurations.
 * Fix: cleanup_crossover.sh now works for multi-user configurations.
 * Fix: In multi-user setups, non-root users should pick up newly
        installed applications automatically now.
 * Fix: KDE associations were not always detected.
 * Fix: Gnome association are now completely removed when uninstalling.
 * The installer will now only install in new or empty directories.
 * Improved: Also set the umask when running applications or plugins 
        as root so that all users will have access to the new codecs 
        and plugin dlls.
 * Improved: Compatibility with associations created by CrossOver
        Plugin 1.0.1 and older.
 * Improved: This version better handles 'broken' associations like 
        those used by Windows Media Player (using %L instead of %1).

All customers can download a copy of 1.1.2 by going to our support
system, and signing in with your email address and password:

If you have lost or never received a password, the system will
automatically generate one for you. Then you can download the full
installer and simply run it to upgrade your existing installation. 
Doing so will preserve your associations and the plugins you have
already installed. For all support issues, please contact us at

Finally, I once again want to thank you all for your business and your

Best regards,

Francois Gouget
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