March 5, 2008

Another low cost Linux PC. I think we can officially call it a trend

Joining the array of low cost Linux offerings such as the Asus Eee PC, the Everex Cloudbook , Elonux announced the Elonux One a sub 200 dollar Linux laptop targeted to go on sale in the UK starting in June. We saw similar announcements in the last couple weeks from Acer, who stated that ââ¬Åââ¬ÂBetween the second and third quarters, we will have products that address ultra mobility and low-cost segments.ââ¬Â In addition Dell stated that it will ââ¬Åintroduce more low-cost notebooks in Asia.ââ¬Â which will augment its Vostro 1000 notebook for sale in China which runs Red Flag Linux.



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