September 25, 2001

Anyware's words

Author: JT Smith

Commentary from LinuxPlanet: "Given the importance of names, I find myself asking this public question to VistaSource: if you're going to change the name of
Applixware Office, why don't you get on with it already? For several months, this product has been labeled under the dual-moniker
of Applixware Office 5.0 or Anyware Desktop for Linux--depending on which page of the VistaSource Web site you happen to be
visiting. This is not to be confused with the AnywareOffice suite, which offers the same components as Applixware Office/Anyware
Desktop, minus the database client and application development environment.

VistaSource has taken great pains to maintain some sort of continuity for old Applixware Office customers and potential new
Anyware Desktop customers--to the point of great confusion for anyone not familiar with the background of these applications."

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